I am a gal who likes nothing better than taking time out for a manicure.  I have, however, on many occasions found myself unable to take this time out when life and children get in the way.  Well, move over ‘time-pressed mamas’, may I introduce the ‘last minute pseudo manicure.’  I have just discovered the world of new and improved fake, press on nails!

2017_03_13_NSAMM _Shot_2_724

It has been many years since I have last worn these awkward, cumbersome and fiddly finger-tips.  And, quite frankly, after the last episode when I wore them on a night out, and lost them one by one, revealing my nail bitten, scuffed nails instead – I swore never to bother again.  Well…. I have to eat my hat on this occasion, as technology has moved on, and so has the world of false nails.

2017_03_13_NSAMM _Shot_2_696

Recently, I decided to try the press on, pre-glued nails from H&M: their answer to this quagmire of stick on nail options – they seem cheap, easy to apply, and with interesting nail art designs to boot – what could go wrong?  The answer to that would be, nothing!  I couldn’t believe it!  A whole night out eating, driving and loo trips, and not one popped off!  The only one issue I did have with these sticky friends is that if you put on hand cream, the adhesive gets affected and they lose their stickiness, so do not apply hand cream when wearing them.  A tough one for me as I am hand cream obsessed, however ‘when needs must’ and all that.

2017_03_13_NSAMM _Shot_2_754

One successful night out, tick, and one happy customer, tick.  For a quick fix , these nails really do the trick! Introducing, the ” I’m ready and raring to go with as little faff as possible,” new me!

H & M Press On nails are here.




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