I have always loved Nars make up – it is the incredible array of colourful eyeshadows that always catch my eye.  Especially when I am looking for something totally unglamorous, but totally necessary, like concealer to cover that charming witch’s spot on my chin.  The days of buying those crazy coloured eyeshadows to wear on a raucous night out are long gone.  Not only do I have few occasions at which to wear that shocking-pink glitter eyeshadow, but I also do not have the time or the inclination to correctly apply these eyeshadows with a contoured brush, and all the blending effort that goes with it.  If only someone could come up with an easy to apply eyeshadow stick in cool colours that takes no effort and still looks good …. oh wait, someone has, and it is Nars!


Trying to add a little glam to my nursery drinks party, I had a sudden desperate desire to wear some kind of eyeshadow or eye liner that harks back to an era where I was coming home at 5am, and not waking at 5am to some screaming monster.  When I first came across the Nars Velvet Shadow Stick, I initially thought it was another cool lip pencil or eyeliner that wouldn’t fit in with my, ahem, hectic life, until I looked further.  Coming in a broad variety of colours from super natural tones ( Oaxaca, Aigle Noir, and Corfu amongst my natural favourites) to more crazy colours, these Shadow Sticks do exactly what they say on the tin.  They are literally sticks of eyeshadow that are so easy to apply thanks to the contoured pencil.  .

Clearly the twenty year old in me was drawn to the more crazy colours and straight to the aquamarine blue Grande Large colour.  Even though it looks strong and slightly too adventurous for that nursery drinks evening, I tried this colour none the less, and absolutely loved it.  Application is so easy- I literally followed my top lash line from the inside to the outside and ended with a subtle “flick” on the outside corner.  I then used my finger to gently blend the colour across the eyelid a bit.  Any errors or dodgy lines are simply blended away with a finger.  The stick is so smooth to apply and glides on without any skipping or dragging.  The stick glides on so easily that the need for an eyeshadow brush and all the equipment that comes with it, is made redundant.


Whether you want a natural colour or something more jazzy, these Shadow Sticks cover all bases, and have become a make up kit essential for me.  Whether you plump for the bright blues or the subtle browns, every mum on the go should have these Sticks.  They are simply brilliant!

Nars Velvet Shadow Sticks in Grande Large is here.

Other favourite natural colours are here, here and here.


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