Having Sunday lunch with my other half, Simon and my two children on a day when Simon’s favourite football team – Tottenham Hotspur – are playing, always involves a laptop sitting pride of place at the table.  This Sunday at Porta Gnesta just outside Barcelona, at the new Russian themed pizzeria Madrelievito, was no exception. Watching my husband jump up and down, shouting at his laptop screen as his beloved team score a goal made me smile and also caught the attention of the table next to us.  This family had, like us, moved from London to Barcelona a mere few months ago.

Naturally, the conversation rapidly turns to football and how Simon had bought two season tickets for Barcelona FC.  Simon, flushed with Tottenham’s victory and wanting to welcome the new arrivals to Spain, offered the family his Barcelona tickets for that day.  They were delighted.

Without us expecting anything in return, they later come to our house to collect the tickets and as a thank you gift, give us two wonderful his and her towels from an up and coming company called Zuzunaga. These two vibrant colourful towels , designed with optical wave art are designed by the English artist Brigitte Riley. Large enough to towel two children, and fashionable as well, they are a hit in this household!

Thank you dear stranger for such a great gift… Just goes to show, kindness always pays.  And what a wonderful way to discover a new brand.

Find Zuzunaga here:

throwing in the towel

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