Now that my pre-children life of everyday castings, jetting around the world, and working alongside the crème de la crème of the fashion world is over – the majority of my wardrobe is now useless and underused when faced with the daily rigmarole of being a mum.  Goodbye high heels and dry clean only clothes, and hello, stretch and comfort.

Looking at everything in a positive light, this shift has also come with its own benefits.  I have discovered the world of active wear and, ahem, “Athleisure”.  Never did I think I would be that mother who goes about the day in her activewear: but with high street brands like Topshop, H&M jumping onto the active wear bandwagon, this is one trend that is here to stay.  The question is, how to keep this trend easy, and not get consumed by the whole activewear look?


Even more smaller and up and coming labels are joining this unique trend with their own versions of ‘ath- wear’, including our favourites, Every Second Counts, Laain, and No Kai A.  It is these smaller brands that are defining the way we wear sports wear; and it is from these smaller, more unique, less mainstream brands that we are drawing our inspiration.


Not wanting to wave goodbye to our much loved wardrobe (that is currently being enjoyed more by moths and dust than us) we are now combining our older staple wardrobe pieces with little touches of athletic wear.  Having restyled our old wardrobe, following the demands of motherhood – we have discovered that using a little more thought and imagination, our old pieces can easliy be incorporated within this active wear trend.


Here, I am wearing my Every Second Counts Live Everyday Leggings with a Scotch and Soda metallic thread rust coloured jumper – sold out but similar herehere and here.  My trainers are here and the Balenciaga backpack is here.

The trick is to balance the active wear with classic pieces, so wear a classic Joseph jumper with a colourful pair of No Ka Oi Kina Performace leggings, and some trainers; or a cool Equipment blouse, Laain Block Colour Performance leggings and Isabel Marant Presley Boots, on sale here.   Heading from the school and nursery run to work and castings, or heading to the gym, it’s great to wear outfits that can tick all these boxes, and are flattering, realistic and comfortable to wear to the playground, school and meetings.  Maybe now Mumma can be cool again!


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