A deep fried Mars bar is a throwback to my Edinburgh University student days, and it was one of my favourite late night (ahem, 3am chip shop queue) treats in that wonderful city.  A deep fried Mars bar sounds so unappetising and so wrong, but in reality in all its oozy, chocolatey joy – it is simply out of this world!

In other words, ‘so wrong, it is right’…A bit like these shoes.  Yes, you heard correctly – I have linked a deep fried Mars bar with a pair of furry shoes.  But hear me out.


Spending the majority of my life in playgrounds or ferrying my trio of little brats to their various sports activities means that I need to be comfortable and warm.  Frankly, I would like to add fashionable to the mix too, and these trainers tick that box as well.  My kids may laugh at me, but mama thinks she is cool and that is all that matters!


These trainers caught my eye in the window of Kurt Geiger for both their craziness and their colour.  My first reaction, clearly, was “no bloody way”, but that was my same reaction some two decades earlier at the sight of that battered Mars bar wobbling in its frying basket, and look where that ended.

outside_wall_998      outside_wall_1003

These shoes are simply put, wonderful.  Eye catching, cool (warm) and easy to wear.  Berry is the colour of this season (as well as black – it is always black, isn’t it), just throw these on with a classic jeans and jumper and you will be the talk of the playground.  In a good way!  (Maybe.)



These trainers are from Carvela, are called Lovely, and can be found here.  Trust me, they really are.

Berry Jumper is from Alexander Wang and is old, but buy similar here and here.

Lace Body by Toyshop, here.

Necklace by Dalia Jewellery, on Instagram @dalia_london_





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