My old favourite black ‘Self Portrait’ dress has become what I call “wardrobe gold”- namely,  a ‘little black dress’ for all occasions, for all seasons, and most importantly…it is a dress that I feel great in.  This dress will be my friend forever, and it is nigh impossible to usurp it from its “King of Dress” title.  However, a close contender has subtly crept onto my radar and it is a total contrast to the lacy elegance that defines the designs of ‘Self Portrait’.


This dress was just too good to be true.  With a black lace dress happily inhabiting my wardrobe, I now own a black sequin dress to add to my ever growing collection of necessary LBD.  This dress is so unique that I just had to have it.  I love a bit of sequin in my look for both day and night- especially at night.  With three kids, my nocturnal outings are so rare nowadays, that when I do go out, I want to sparkle and shine!  As sequins are eye catching enough, with this subtle dress, they do all the talking.

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Because very little skin is shown – the arms are full length, the polo neck covers the neck, and the hem goes to below the knee, the sequins are not flashy or overwhelming, and are understated in their elegance.  The lack of skin shown actually makes this dress more eye catching and alluring in its subtle beauty.  The only hint of skin is shown through the sheer fabric at the shoulders and on the back-  and, sometimes, a hint is all you need.  When I do wear sequins, I like to stay covered up and let the outfit do more of the talking, as the sparkle is enough of an eye catcher without worrying about (saggy) cleavage or a gusty behind that comes with short and/or tight dresses!


I bought the dress from a brilliant company called Nine In The Mirror – a wonderful company that sells designer clothes that suit both pregnant and non-pregnant women, so that anything you buy whilst pregnant works post baby as well.  This dress sums up Nine in the Mirror’s brilliant concept- a classic designer dress that is both roomy enough to fit a bump and also forgiving post bump.  They also have amazing sales, so keep an eye out for these online….


With this sequin wonder serving as a nice contrast to lace,  I can now kid myself that because both dresses are so different, they are both a necessity!   I am clearly convincing myself that my LBD collection is now complete…haha…now that’s a joke if ever I heard one.

Find the ‘Casonas’ dress by Malene Birger here.

YSL trainers here.





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