We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with the wonderfully talented nutritionist, Diana Warrings of Irma Green Nutrition to bring you lots of delicious and nutritious recipes and ideas for cooking for kids, hubbies, friends and yourself.  We were lucky enough to meet Diana over ten years ago when she worked as our booking agent at Storm Models getting us both lots of great modelling jobs, and we kept in touch with her over the years as she retrained as a nutritionist.  Her lovely, easy going manner is reflected in her healthy recipes and she is a font of knowledge of all things edible and nutritious.


We are working together on lots of fun things and can’t wait for you to see what she has in store for us over the next few months.  Healthy? Yes.  Easy to cook?  Yes.  Tasty? Why, yes!  Fun to do with the kids? Hell, yeah.

As we spend Easter surrounded by Kinder Eggs and all kinds of unhealthy chocolate treats (which we also love!), Diana’s first recipe is a super easy chocolate treat that is not only tasty, but fun to make with the kids and  healthy to boot.  So over to you, Diana.



Makes 12-16 pieces.


2x 80g bars of organic dark (min 75% chocolate)

1 vanilla pod

1/4 Tonka bean- grated  (optional)

This recipe couldn’t be any quicker and easier.  Simply break the chocolate bars into small pieces, and place them into a glass bowl, then melt the chocolate over a water bath.  Please make sure the water does not boil and, once the chocolate starts melting, take the pot off the hob, and leave the heat from the water to do its job.

Next prepare a tray, lining it with baking paper and then spoon the melted chocolate onto the baking paper, creating buttons or bigger dollops. I used some cookie stamps, but I also like to “free style” it!  Then you can start adding the toppings.

Here are a selection of different topping ideas -there are of course many more- the chocolate garnish world is your oyster!

20g pistachios – roughly chopped,

20g dried mango – roughly shopped

20g bee pollen

20g lavender or rose petals (natural or candied)

20g toasted coconut flakes- roughly chopped

20g toasted almond flakes- roughly chopped

20g of goji berries

A pinch of chili flakes also works a treat

I add the more heavy toppings once the chocolate has  already started setting a little, as this prevents them from sinking into the chocolate.  Leave the tray to set in a cool place, and once set, keep the treats in an air tight container in the fridge.  If you want to gift the chocolate, layer your gift boxes with white baking paper and place the chocolate inside. Wrapping the box with a pretty ribbon will give it a lovely finish.

Enjoy, and Happy Easter!


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