It’s always good to push yourself in every aspect of your life, preventing yourself from getting stuck in a rut. In work, at home and in fashion. Jeans are one area of fashion, where once we find a shape and style we love, then we stop looking at anything else and stop pushing these denim boundaries.

But why? For one, we are not fans of jean shopping. Wriggling and jiggling into a skinny style with not enough Stretch from the coolest brand in town makes us want to cry! And jeans shopping is a commitment and with kids in tow, the thought of trying on a multitude of styles whilst trying to entertain little ones is tantamount to hell. This Divine Denim section will feature our denim discoveries, and will hopefully take the pain and frustration out of jean shopping.

Having worked on a shoot recently with the girls at up and coming fashion brand Atea, I’ve rediscovered a look I really love, and one that keeps coming back into fashion. The flare. Flattering and leg lengthening, those hippies had the right idea, and we all have a pair lurking in the back of our wardrobe! Having been redesigned by Atea, with a cooler slim leg fit in a dark Indigo heavy weight cotton twill, these flares are an inspired denim. These jeans not only ooze style but fit fantastically.

Tired of the too skinny tight sausage look jeans I have loved to wear for the past ten years, these flares move me into a slicker cooler 70’s meets New York cool. I feel I’ve found a new style that works. Worn with a small heel or with flats it’s the perfect day wear.

I am mixing up the denim palette with my See by Chloe light denim shirt, which is a tailored ladies fit as opposed to the oversized boyfriend fit shirt. This keeps the look streamlined. To finish my look off, I’ve added a tapestry inspired shoulder bag from Sluiz Ibiza which adds a pop of colour, along with with my vintage red braided Mulberry belt, and some classic brown boots, similar here.


Jess is wearing her trusty Top Shop Hayden Boyfriend jeans which work well with smart flats and a statement jacket like this Instagram favourite from H&M.


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