We have been fortunate enough to have learnt first hand from working with incredible make up artists some tricks of the trade, and, now that we are getting older, we are realising that some of these top tips are really coming into their own.  One tip that is serving us well and is proving indispensable, especially for all those days when concealer just isn’t enough, is adding highlights to the face. No, we haven’t gone all Kardashian on you. This very simple trick helps illuminate your skin, giving a natural looking, even glow when you need it most!

We have found that Mac’s White Eye Pencil works perfectly to highlight our faces- this little pencil of love works wonders in a few easy strokes and suits all skin tones and colours.  The main areas to apply your white liner to are illustrated in the photo below.
1. Under the eyebrow
 This is to enhance the contour of your brow bone which  helps create the illusion of larger, fresher and more alive eyes. As mums, we can all do with this!
2. Down the bridge of your nose
This should be one straight line that starts just between your eyebrows and ends just before the tip of your nose. Applying highlights here helps makes your nose appear straighter and your skin luminous.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 3. The inner eye                                                                                                                                                      Application here improves the whiteness of your eyes. With this trick, no one will ever know about all those late nights and lack of sleep. White is the perfect colour to complement all eye colours and, again, it helps to open up the eye, giving the appearance of bright and large eyes. Now, our kids won’t be the only ones who are bright eyed and bushy tailed!
4. The Philtrum (in other words, the two groves above your lips and your nose.)
Apply the highlighter between the lines/grooves. This enhances the contour of your mouth, giving the illusion of large, pronounced and even lips
5. Along the peaks of your top lip
Highlighting here defines the lips and, if you have a smaller top lip, helps make the top lip appear more plump.
6. Under your bottom lip in the central area
Applying highlighter here helps balance out the shape and size of your lips. It also gives the impression of fuller, larger lips which, lets face it, we would all like a little more of!
 Once you have highlighted these areas, gently blend the lines you have just drawn with your finger, so they are toned down and almost gone. When you have done this, apply your usual make up over the top, brush your hair and off you go! Whether you are off to the playground, parents evening or work, these tricks give us a bit of confidence that those sleepless nights aren’t so noticeable!

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