Wearing a red dress during the day is something we at NotSuchAModelMum tend to steer clear of.  Looking like a scarlet harlot whilst wiping snot from one child and holding another child’s hand as they scale the dizzying heights of soft play, is not a look we would want to advocate.  But, we have found a dress that manages to transcend the stereotypes – a dress that flatters in both autumn and winter – and that can be worn as a casual day-to-day wear….so much so, that it has become a wardrobe staple.


Like the perfect red lipstick, finding a great red dress is all about finding the right shade of red.  Too strong a red and you end up looking like a lady of the night, and too dull and it looks looks like a red sock was accidentally mixed in when washing a white dress.


This Gat Rimon Muna dress ticks all the boxes for us.  It is flattering, as it is loose fitting, and easy to wear (because the lace insert detailing adds an extra twist) – so there is no need to faff around with too many accessories.  With three kids, I need my clothes to fly on in the morning, and this dress fits the bill perfectly.  But its real secret is that it also makes me look like I have put a vast amount of effort into getting dressed, so I can whizz straight from the playground to a meeting and not feel underdressed.

It is also a great berry shade of red, one that compliments all skin tones and colours.  Hot off the catwalks for winter is everything berry colour related, so the dress can be part of our late summer and winter mum uniform – just add a pair of black tights and a biker jacket, and you are dressed for colder climes.


The green shoes add a splash of another complimentary autumnal colour, and are from the men’s range at Scotch and Soda.  Don’t be afraid of looking at the men’s shoe section – after all, with lace ups and brogues, it’s that men’s look we are after!  Add to that a vintage Christian Dior foldover clutch (inspired by Sex and the City), some cool feather earrings, and a clingy baby… and mama is ready to go!

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Gat Rimon dress here and here.

Scotch and Soda mens shoes, sold out, but similar here and here.

Feather earrings can be found on Instagram @dalia_london_

Christian Dior Vintage Monogrammed Foldover Clutch, old, but find a similar one here.




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