Bicycle Blues

I longingly look at my wardrobe full of fantastic finds I have accrued over the years of living in different countries and given to me from shoots, trying to find events, outings, evenings out… anything, where I can dust off the Joseph or Celine pieces I have stashed away from my past life pre-children, desperately … Continue Reading

Divine Denim. Part 1.

It’s always good to push yourself in every aspect of your life, preventing yourself from getting stuck in a rut. In work, at home and in fashion. Jeans are one area of fashion, where once we find a shape and style we love, then we stop looking at anything else and stop pushing these denim … Continue Reading

Swimming against the tide

As I impulsively decided to take all three boys swimming on my own on Mothers day on Sunday morning, it dawned on me as Cbeebies was blasting out in the background, that the only swimsuit I had was a Zoggs maternity one, and that all my other swimwear consists of bikinis. The Zoggs swimsuit served … Continue Reading

A spaceship in a book. Am I asking too much?!

If you had told me that there was a hardback book that through some origami miracle converts from a book into a playmate into a spaceship, I wouldn’t have believed you. Well, non believers, here it is. It’s a clever concept,a great book and is hardback, so even with three strong boys, after one year, … Continue Reading