Our summer holiday had started so well. We got to the airport, one that can only loosely be described as being in London, on time ( 4:45 am), and got to security without any major drama or meltdown. To avoid meltdowns because of tired little legs, we decided to take the buggy and two scooters. Big mistake. We got as far as security where the two scooters were promptly confiscated. After many tears, we vowed that we would enter Dragons Den and impress Peter Jones with a flight compatible scooter. Clearly, someone beat us to it.

On a recent trip to the airport, struggling with my many bags of hand luggage, check in luggage, a pushchair, plus children in tow at the airport, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of something quite incredible. Four children on scooters, plus two very relaxed looking parents on foot, just behind them heading for security. Feeling sorry for them, knowing that these scooters would be confiscated in no time at all, I took a second glance and realised that the scooters were, in fact, built into the suitcase which sat on the front of the scooter. Security was not an issue as the scooter section folds up into the suitcase and neatly transforms into a wheelie suitcase that the children can wheel. This, coupled with the fact that the attached bag has plenty of space for clothes and toys, makes these scooter bags an airport essential.
What more could you possibly want from a bag?! If I was to really answer that question honestly, I would like an automatic pack and push suitcase, but hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.  Dragons Den anyone?
The scooter suitcases are from a company called Flyte, and can be found here.

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