It’s that time of year where you wish you had listened to all those “Can I have this please?” over the past 353 days and bought ahead.  Instead, as always, I tend to leave the Christmas present buying until the last minute.  This year, I have actually been a bit organised and put together my Christmas gift guide for all.  Whether its for kids, husbands, friends, teachers, there’s something for everyone!



fer her 1

  1. I’m not sure how I would respond to receiving a kettle for Christmas!  But this one is different…  it is a Smart Kettle with WiFi, and can be controlled by your phone! The link is here.
  2. Luxury slippers. A must have for every women’s wardrobe, you can buy them here .
  3. When you need a little something to brighten up your living room, bedroom or kids room, a gorgeous and fun cushion is always worth having.  These silk hand printed cushions from Silken Favours are perfect…even for the mother in law you always struggle to buy for.  Buy here
  4. If you are looking for a little sparkle, but not at silly prices, then Monica Vinader is the jewellery brand to head to.  With her delicate, yet bold designs, you can be sure to find something here to suit all. Buy here
  5. For all those people I can’t think of what to buy, look no further than Lavender & Lillie to find all your scented products.  A home fragrance and cosmetics brand, inspired by the recollection of memories through fragrance, the products have great packaging and I love their candles- my fave is here
  6. Another great gadget that has all the music you could possible need at your fingertips.  If you love music, then this is the ideal present for everyone- The Alexa voice activation music juke box will change the way you listen to music forever!




for her 2nd gifts

7. I love my monthly subscriptions, to National Geographic, History Magazine, Vanity Fair and Grazia– you can never go wrong with this present!

8.  All girls love a little lippy and makeup to brighten up any dull day or night, and Charlotte Tilbury has the perfect party set to see any girl look fab.  If you want to indulge a little more then the Iconic 7 piece set will to the trick . Another brand I love who also has a great makeup set Laura Mercier.  buy

9.  We all love a little pampering, and this EVE LOM rescue is a firm favourite of ours!


for her gifts


I always find buying for my husband so difficult- clothes have to be specific, electronics must be a certain brand, and everything else….well…. its all pot luck! So, after some serious deliberation, I have found some fab stocking fillers, fun alternatives and interesting options to help when looking for the men of my family this year.


For him under £100


1. If, like my father and husband, the men of your life love to spend time around an open fire after a BBQ no matter the weather, polishing off a beer or two, then this outdoor portable light and speaker is the perfect friend to keep them company.  Not only does it keep the atmosphere alive when it is pitch black, it helps drown out their attempts at singing, which can only be a good thing!  Find the lamp here.

2. This Smartphone Projector is the perfect novelty present for a cosy Winter’s night in.  Find it here.

3. A warm woolly jumper you can always steal later!  To buy your chunk of love, find it here.

4. If life in the rat race becomes too much, then there is no better place to escape to than a Surf Shack and become a beach bum!  Those dreamers can find the book  here.

5. Christmas would not be Christmas without a puzzle! A slight move on from the traditional puzzles, I found this great alternative to help chart all the places you have visited in the world. Buy it here.

6. If you know any one that is as football mad as my hubby, then this is the perfect alternative to a framed pics of the kids! Find it here

7.  No man can live without a few smellies at Christmas, as much as they try to deny it!  L’Occitane have a great range of men’s fragrances and skin care range.  This bumper pack is the ideal present to cover all those needs. Click  here.

for him

8. If, like my husband, your other half constantly uses his back pocket to place his loose change, and then loses most of it before spending it, then this fun Comme des Garcons flouro wallet is ideal for all those pennies and pounds.  Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.  Find the wallet here.



  1. I love nothing more than indulging in skin care products whilst pregnant, and the ranges from Bloom & Blossom, are the ideal gifts for those expectant mothers.  Find them here .
  2. Whether your first or third baby, it is always good to catch up on what is going on in the new world of motherhood you will soon enter.  A subscription to Mother and Baby magazine is perfect to help fill those late nights whilst feeding.  Find it here .
  3.  A little bling can go a long way.  No matter your circumstances, a girl’s best friend is always diamonds!  The designer, Catbird, has bought simplicity with a little spice of luxury to us masses, and is making affordable jewellery that everyone can enjoy. Her Baquette diamond ring will put a smile on any women’s face.  Find it here 
  4. Depending on where you live in the UK, a fun and exciting experience is to see your baby in 3D. There are many places that offer this, but I always look on Groupon to find great offers depending on where you live
  5. I love nothing more than luxury and comfort whilst expecting.  When the majority of my wardrobe stops fitting me, I find it a struggle to find anything I like.  Cashmere loungerwear is always a winner and one than will keep on giving it’s soft and cosy wearability post baby. Either  Mint Velvet with their batwing cashmere jumper and velvet cashmere blend joggers or M&S does a fab cashmere star jumper and their cashmeres tight leg trouser/ pyjama or if you are feeling cool and in need of something a little different, then the brand the Hatch offer an amazing all in one cashmere onesie.!

when preggers gift

6. I know not really that glamorous but incase you haven’t got one of these already, The L shaped pregnancy pillow is a must!  This is life changing both before and after pregnancy, whilst needing to sleep or feed these bundles of joy!

7.  Spa day. Nothing beats a little pamper time.  If you can’t have a baby moon, then the next best thing is this. Again it all depends on where you live, but here are a few options that offer great packages. Champneys in Henlow , The Dorchester for a little London fun, and Cliveden house  are all great options.  Another  place I love is Coworth Park.  Unwind, and enjoy the spa and hit the restaurant for a spot of lunch before heading back to the chaos of home and life in general.

pregger gift 2

8. For a night out of festive fun, head out on a date to the Southbanks Royal Festival Hall for a great family show with or without the kids to see the  Slavas snowshoe, followed by lunch or supper at the Skylon Bar in the Royal Festival hall.  It’s a great way to unwind and enjoy London from the luxury of your chair.


preggers 3



  1. I say that this is for the kids, but I think it is actually a present for all- the CineMood projector is the ideal gift for  everyone. From an outdoor cinema night with friends in the summer, or to entertain the kids  at a sleepover, this little box of portable love is brilliant. Find it here
  2.  I am always looking for ideas on what to do with the kids, and The Weekend Box Company is amazing.  You sign up, pay your subscription, and every two weeks a creative box of things to do for the kids arrives in the post.  It’s like having a fortnightly Christmas.  Buy it here .
  3. For a special outing with the family, the musical “School of Rock” in the West End i amazing.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, I found myself joining in as much as the kids.  The child actors in the show are so talented and entertaining, and every kid came away inspired wanting to learn how to sing or play an instrument!  I can’t rate this highly enough- it is a must see.  Find it here.  A good piece of advice when wanting to book things to see with the kids, look at Little Bird is a great website offering discounts and ideas on just that.
  4.  Depending on what your kids love in the way of cuddly toys, you can’t beat Jellycat cuddles.  Both my kids have been obsessed with these toys and, still, to this day my 3 year old has them at noght. Buy here 

for the kids

5. if you haven’t already then a Micro scooter is a must for every age group. They are a game changer.

6. A great game to test both patience and reflexes is The Buzz Wire game.

7. A fun way to help with those tough meal times are these fun Food Face Plates 

8. Storymatic is a great game to help improve your children’s story telling and English at the same time, and is a  game for the whole family to play.

9. In case you have kids who are not great sleepers, than this Toy Scout is the ideal sleeping buddy.

10. For those of you who have older kids under the age of 10, then the Stars Wars Droid inventor kit will keep those little scientists busy for ages. Find here 



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