Many people will be surprised to discover that ‘Terry Towelling’ was not just an invention by the ‘Juicy Couture’  design team – and that it was actually first manufactured in the 1800’s.  Whilst the fabric became synonymous with the all-in-one hooded tracksuits of the mid-nineties; it was initially distributed for domestic use, due to its wet-absorbing ability, and its easy to dry composition – which, from Terry Towelling’s inception, made it ideal for use within the home (and for being wrapped around babies bottoms!)

Following the Second World War, and as America and Europe’s economies slowly emerged from the post-rationing doldrums; families and households were able for the first time to experience holidays away from home and beach holidays abroad.  And it was at this time, that clothing manufacturers and fashion houses slowly begin to exploit the hyper-absorbent, soft fabric for their resort and sports wear…


Having slightly lost its cool over the 90’s with the prevalence of that infamous terry towelling tracksuit look, certain fashion brands have now made it their vision to make this fabric chic again. One of these brands is Orlebar Brown, a quintessentially British tailored swimwear brand, which has turned swim shorts and swimsuits into fashion statements.  So, it is no surprise, given terry towelling’s interesting history and fabric strengths, that Orlebar Brown are making clothes with this fabric and turning them into practical fashion statements.

We have found it’s structure and composition to be the perfect beach cover up for women, men and children.  And now that summer is nearly over, these brilliant cover-ups from Orlebar Brown are on sale and seriously reduced and, lets face it, we all love a bargain!  So bag yourself some terry towelling cover-ups and roll on Summer 2017.  Or even a mini UK wide September heatwave!
NSAMM_3809 NSAMM_3810
The dresses we are wearing in these photos are on sale now and can be bought here.
The boys’ shirts are here. Similar can be found here and here.
Men’s towelling shirts are here, here and here.

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