I have tried them all.

The expensive ones, the cheap ones, the ones made out of gold and caviar with collagen hand blended by unicorns. None even come close to this yellowing nugget of lip calming, pungent smelling, sticky goodness.


Why? Because, as unglamorous the packaging, it simply works. Ignore the packaging and the smell. This stuff is manna from heaven. For lips, eyebrows, you name it, I slather it. Especially when its cold and windy and when the little ones lick their lips constantly (why?!)

I slather it on their lips and around their lips in their sleep. The next day, the chapped irritation has disappeared. I have even been known to use Carmex to tame my brows and make them glisten. Because nothing pings you awake like the strong scent of Carmex.

Bam. Trust me it works! Just don’t get it in your eyes.


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