On the day before our little road trip as a new family of five, there was a mad rush and panic of packing bags for four people and a newborn.  Now, with said newborn in tow, there’s even more to pack!  Ofcourse, that includes surfboards, snorkels, pillows and the kitchen sink- complete must-haves for our first small driving holiday with three children.  Another necessity, aside from that kitchen sink, is sunscreen for the face, essential when living in the Spanish sunshine.  On this particular last minute rush trip to the shops, I found a new one called Frezyderm, SPF 50 Velvet Face Suncreen. (Interesting name choice for a brand, but hey ho.)  I didn’t let the somewhat odd brand name put me off- I mean, I never thought I would buy a product called Bum Bum Cream, but I do, so a name like Frezyderm shouldn’t make me bat an eyelid!


We had never heard of Frezyderm before, but a quick Google clearly shows that they focus heavily on the science behind their products, and that their products are rated as highly as other designer sunscreens.  I was quite surprised to see the clear gel/ serum-like product oozing out of a rather streamlined and fancy tube.  Paraben and fragrance free,  the factor 50 protection helps not only combat sun damage, but leaves a velvety finish on the skin.  Unlike other sunscreens, this sunscreen doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the skin, but leaves the skin feeling matte and soft to the touch.  And, because of the lack of grease, it is the ideal base for make up.  However, the biggest plus for me is that, unlike some other sunscreens, we didn’t get those usual sunscreen face breakouts that usually come with a summer holiday where sunscreem is slathered on!
The texture makes it suitable for all skin types and ages too, and with UVA and UVB protection, as well as anti ageing properties, we are very impressed.  This must-have product feels more like a primer than a sunscreen on application, and ten days into my holiday, my skin feels hydrated, as opposed to that normal crispy sun baked feeling… and best of all, I didnt have any of those pesky sunscreen related spots.
 I’m that impressed that I considered slathering the serum all over my body, until i realised that would become quite expensive! To find your potion of power you can find Frezyderm sun screen protection here
Here are out other favourite sunscreens for the face:
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