Need More Hair Please

I was prepared for the post-baby ‘jiggly belly’, for the saggy boobs, and the tired peepers peering out from under-eye suitcases.  But one thing I wasn’t prepared for during and after my three pregnancies was the post partum hair loss.  Then, to exacerbate the matter, once I had got my head around the fact that … Continue Reading

Tired Mum Tips

Getting out the door with the three kids in tow is no mean feat.  Feeling smug that I have managed to get all three boys up and out the door by 8am, I skip out the door and glance quickly in the mirror as I leave. Oh God.  The boys may be all sprightly and … Continue Reading

A Bit of Lip Love

It is going to be an exciting year for me with the arrival of my third baby, and all the craziness that comes with a newborn.  In the meantime, however, I am getting used to my rather large baby bump, and investing heavily in things that make me feel good.  At the moment, that seems … Continue Reading

Learning on the Job

Whenever I meet my girlfriends for supper and we talk about work, they always laugh at me!  In the modelling world, when a model gets booked for a shoot, it is called: ‘confirming a job.’  So I am always met with hysterics when I chat to them about ‘the job’ I did last week.  Apparently, … Continue Reading

L’Occitane Me from My Fingers to My Toes!

It is the distinctive aroma of any product from the L’Occitane range that instantly transports me away from my kids shouting “Mummy, mummy, mummy” at every opportunity, to the peaceful landscapes of Provence.  To have that little touch of the South of France, quite literally in the palm of my hand as I slather on my favourite … Continue Reading

Eyeshadow Stick Fun

I have always loved Nars make up – it is the incredible array of colourful eyeshadows that always catch my eye.  Especially when I am looking for something totally unglamorous, but totally necessary, like concealer to cover that charming witch’s spot on my chin.  The days of buying those crazy coloured eyeshadows to wear on a raucous night … Continue Reading

Shake it up!

One of my best, and most everlasting memories of my youth is of hitting the town with my bestie, armed with a handbag stuffed with blue hair mascara, a Mini Disc Man and a Lancome Juicy Tube.  Does anyone remember this stuff?!  Anyway, now that we have grown up somewhat, and instead now get drunk at … Continue Reading

High Street Lippie

As much as I love hitting the fancy stores for some fancy make up, it is sometimes the high street stores that come up trumps in the make up department.  Sometimes, something as simple as finding that cheap lipstick that only costs £6.99 and makes me feel like a million dollars, can put me back on … Continue Reading

Nail it down

I am a gal who likes nothing better than taking time out for a manicure.  I have, however, on many occasions found myself unable to take this time out when life and children get in the way.  Well, move over ‘time-pressed mamas’, may I introduce the ‘last minute pseudo manicure.’  I have just discovered the world … Continue Reading

Brow Pal

I’m constantly searching for what I like to call: ‘minimal effort make up tips’.  Some people love makeup and the ritual of re-applying it throughout the day – but that is not something I subscribe to. For me, applying make up once in the morning is more than enough; unless I’m heading out that evening to … Continue Reading